Local Honda Accord Advanced Driver Assist System

The local Honda Accord advanced driver assist system is among the key selling points of this vehicle. This car comes with the latest passive and active safety technologies. Advanced driver-assist system or ADAS incorporates various safety features of this vehicle. This article highlights the critical elements of the Honda Accord’s advanced driver-assist system.

Lane Keeping Assist System

LKAS, or lane-keeping assist system, enables drivers to stay in their lane when driving. This feature uses audible alerts to inform drivers that they are leaving their path. And this is a crucial feature because it enables a driver to avoid straying, especially during long trips. Also, driving in windy conditions is difficult for some people.

This feature detects when the car deviates from the lane using a small camera. Also, it provides steering adjustments that center the vehicle on its route.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

This ADAS feature in Honda Accord uses sensing technology to ensure that the vehicle applies the braking power if it faces an imminent collision. That way, the car protects the driver and the passenger.

 The Honda Sensing Collision Mitigating technology prevents frontal collisions by early detection of an imminent accident. This technology enables the vehicle to sense a pedestrian or car that is impossible to avoid colliding with and then automatically apply the brakes.

Road Departure Mitigation System

Even this feature of the Honda Accord ADAS uses sensing technology to prevent a car from departing from the road, exposing the passengers to unsafe conditions. This ADAS feature monitor and tracks the car’s position in a traffic lane. The Road Departure Mitigation System alerts the driver if the vehicle deviates from the route without activating the turn signal. Thus, the driver can adjust the steering wheel or apply the brakes.

Essential Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Honda Accord’s ADAS system’s adaptive cruise control feature helps drivers separate their vehicle from the one ahead upon activation. It automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.

ACC helps drivers maintain a safe driving distance on the highway. Also, you can use this feature to set the cruising speed. It works by using different sensors and automatically decreasing or increasing the vehicle’s speed when active.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Maybe you’ve missed a limit sign while driving on a highway. The local Honda Accord comes with a traffic sign recognition feature that takes care of this. It uses a camera to monitor traffic or road signs. With the help of this camera, the Honda Sensing Traffic Sign Recognition unit detects and displays the road signs with relevant information. Thus, you can decide on the action to take if the vehicle shows this information on the Honda Head-Up Display after passing the sign.

Passive Safety Features

Honda Accord uses passive safety features that work even when the car losses power. Therefore, these features are essential because they ensure the comprehensive safety of the driver and passengers. Such features include:

  • Dual Stage, Multiple-Threshold Front Airbags: Honda Accord has dual-stage front airbags that provide better impact protection and advanced safety. The Side curtain airbags and front side airbags have rollover sensors.
  • Advanced Compatibility Body Structure: Honda Accord engineers designed this vehicle with an incredible body structure that distributes energy from the impact point or accident to the entire body. And this lessens the energy that reaches the passengers in the vehicle.
  • Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children: The LATCH system in Honda Accord is an outstanding feature for drivers that plan to carry child passengers. This technology makes Honda Accord a family-friendly car.

These are passive safety features but play a vital role during a collision.

Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control

This vehicle allows you to control your car with the VSA system. This system integrates traction control to help the driver get to their destination regardless of the road conditions.

LED Daytime Running Lights

The DRL system keeps the driver and the vehicle safe in all conditions, particularly in low-light places. For instance, this system keeps you safe when driving under foggy conditions or at dusk. It improves visibility by boosting the light level in such situations.

Parting Shot

The local Honda Accord advanced driver assist system enhances safety for the driver and passengers. This car comes with active and passive ADAS features that improve the overall driving experience. It also enhances safety when driving in different conditions. Some of these features require the driver’s intervention, such as the Adaptive Cruise Control, which requires the driver to choose their preferred distance between them and the leading vehicle or their driving speed. Also, ADAS technologies in this vehicle make it ideal for motorway or dual carriageway use. So, if you want to drive a car with an advanced driver-assist system, consider the local Honda Accord.