How Much Does ADAS Calibration Cost?

You’ve probably heard experts talk about ADAS calibration when it comes to windshield replacement. ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are here to stay. They are even becoming increasingly advanced and popular with new vehicle model releases. The ADAS system of your vehicle utilizes radar, cameras, sensors, computer imaging, networking, and other devices. It makes your driving experience safe. As such, it’s reasonable to wonder, how much does ADAS calibration cost? You will most likely ask this question when replacing the windshield of your vehicle. 

Well, calculating the cost of ADAS calibration calls for the consideration of several factors. For instance, you must consider the fact that the window will probably have detection sensors like motion detectors that will also be recalibrated. Such factors can almost double the total cost of ADAS calibration. 

Camera Calibration Cost Estimates Based on the Vehicle Type

When you need the window of a newer vehicle model that uses the side, front, and rearview cameras, you will have to pay for sensor re-alignment. This will be done by a professional, ADAS Certified Technician. 

So how much will this cost you? Well, the average cost of ADAS calibration can sometimes be double the cost of windshield replacement. 

Here is the possible amount you’re likely to pay for ADAS calibration depending on your vehicle type: 

  • Car- Between $250 and $630 
  • SUV- Between $250 and $600 
  • Truck- Between $250 and $650

Does Insurance Cover ADAS Sensor and Camera Calibration?

This is a question you’re likely to ask on realizing that you need ADAS sensors and camera calibration. Luckily, most auto insurance companies cover the cost of ADAS calibration. That means your auto insurance can cover ADAS motion and camera sensor recalibration. 

Essentially, full insurance coverage is worthwhile because it concludes glass protection. That means your windshield calibration will be covered if you have full insurance coverage.

Are There Deductibles To Be Paid When Replacing The Windshield?

Well, this depends on your coverage type. Therefore, check this out with your auto insurance provider. Find out what is covered by your policy. Your insurance agent can help you confirm this. 

Contact the Best Auto Repair Shop to Get a More Accurate Estimate

If you have a full auto insurance coverage, your ADAS calibration cost might be covered as part of windscreen replacement. As such, you may not have to pay extra for this service. What’s more, getting an accurate estimate is easier because your auto repair shop can talk this out with your insurer. 

But, if you don’t have a full auto insurance coverage, getting an accurate estimate online or over the phone can be tricky. That’s because several factors determine the quote you get from the auto repair shop. For instance, when your insurer will pay for the service will affect the estimate. Details of the make and model of your vehicle will also be required to assess whether dynamic or static recalibration will be required. 

The Bottom Line

Several factors determine the amount of money you need for ADAS calibration. For instance, if you have full coverage auto insurance, the ADAS calibration cost might be included. What’s more, the make and model of your vehicle, as well as, the auto repair shop that you choose will influence the cost. Therefore, stop asking how much ADAS calibration costs and contact ADAS Calibrations Now