Does Insurance Cover Windshield Calibration?

Windshield replacement is now more complicated due to the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. When the windshield of a vehicle was cracked, technicians could fix the damage within minutes. But, things are different now and the same job can take hours. That’s because computerized equipment is required to calibrate the advanced driver assistance system of your vehicle. You may also need an answer to the question, does insurance cover windshield calibration? That’s because you don’t want to have the job done and end up paying all the costs from your pocket yet you have full auto insurance coverage. 

But, how do you know whether your auto insurance policy covers windshield calibration? Well, the best approach is to talk to your auto insurance agent. However, most providers of auto insurers cover windshield calibration for holders of full coverage policies. 

It’s a Security Question

Your vehicle’s advanced driver assistance system comprises features like automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance, and lane-keeping assistance. Some of these features are integrated with the windshields of your vehicle. They play the crucial role of helping the driver save lives by preventing horrific accidents. 

The windshield of a modern vehicle can have cameras that nestle behind it. Some of the latest models come with radar sensors in the front grille, as well as, ultrasonic components in bumpers. The proper functioning of such features of the advanced driver assistance system can be affected even by a minor impact. Thus, windshield replacement can easily knock these components out of their normal alignment. 

Since modern drivers and vehicles depend on the advanced driver assistance system heavily, turning them correctly can make a difference between causing an accident and avoiding it. For instance, if a camera is not recalibrated after replacing or repairing a windshield it can make all the difference between sticking to the lane and steering off a cliff.

The Cost of Windshield Calibration

Cost is the major reason why many people ask, ‘does insurance cover windshield calibration?’ Usually, the cost of windshield calibration varies depending on the vehicle type and the auto body repair shop that a vehicle owner chooses. The calibration type required after a windshield repair or replacement will also influence the cost. 

Nevertheless, most auto insurance providers cover the cost of windshield calibration for clients whose policies cover broken glasses. However, the best way to know whether your insurance covers windshield calibration is by talking to your provider or agent. Essentially, it’s worth noting that the cost of replacing your windshield might not necessarily be covered by your insurance. Whether your windshield calibration service is covered by auto insurance or not will depend on the terms of your policy. The cost of replacing and calibrating the windshield of a modern vehicle can go up to $700 or even more. 

Unfortunately, most vehicle owners don’t know much about their auto insurance policies. Thus, they do not know whether windshield calibration is covered by their policies or not. So, stop asking, does insurance cover windshield calibration? Instead, talk to your provider to know whether your windshield calibration is covered by your auto insurance. Alternatively, contact ADAS Calibration Now to request a free windshield calibration estimate.