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Do I Need To Recalibrate My ADAS If I Replace My Windshield?

When you take your vehicle at an auto repair shop for windshield replacement, you may hear the technicians talk about ADAS recalibration. The quote given for this process should make you ask yourself, do I need to recalibrate my ADAS if I replace my windshield? Well, the answer is an outstanding yes. You should have your vehicle’s ADAS recalibrated after windshield replacement, especially if it’s a newer model. 

Modern vehicles are switching from autonomous driving to the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS is a new technology that enhances the safety of a vehicle. It also provides a better driving experience. When your vehicle’s ADAS is functioning properly, you are alerted of potential problems while driving. You also get better control of your vehicle when driving. For instance, you can easily apply emergency brakes when you notice that your vehicle is about to collide with another vehicle or object.

What ADAS Recalibration after Replacing the Windshield Involves

Windshield ADAS recalibration makes replacing a windscreen more complex. Calibrating the windscreen entails adjusting the camera lens parameters to enable them to capture the complete images of the road and vehicle. This guarantees the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems receive reliable and accurate information that is conveyed to the driver. 

On the windscreen, ADAS works via a camera. This is fitted at the center of a windscreen. The purpose of this camera is to relay crucial information about the road conditions ahead to the ADAS. When this happens, the system knows the right time to activate different automated safety measures. 

For instance, ADAS can use the conveyed information to determine when to monitor blind spots, proximity to other vehicles or objects, and pedestrians. Therefore, recalibrating ADAS after replacing the windscreen enables the system to provide better surveillance of the road and vehicle.

Do I Need To Recalibrate My ADAS If I Replace My Windscreen With The Help Of An Expert?

You need the help of an expert to recalibrate your vehicle’s ADAS after replacing the windshield. That’s because vehicles are different and they have varying ADAS codes of practice. Each state requires technicians to follow these codes when calibrating ADAS after replacing the windscreen. Therefore, the person that recalibrates this system should be knowledgeable and experienced. 

Essentially, choosing the right experts to recalibrate your ADAS after windshield replacement is important for ensuring your safety and that of the vehicle on the road. A good windshield replacement expert or shop will advise you to recalibrate your ADAS immediately they complete the job. This will ensure that your ADAS is repaired if it was not aligned correctly or if it was damaged when the accident occurred. Ideally, a good windshield replacement service provider will ensure that you recalibrate your ADAS to avoid being held accountable if an accident occurs after working on your vehicle.

How to Get Your ADAS Recalibrated

To get your vehicle’s ADAS recalibrated, choose a fully-trained and experienced technician with a sterling reputation for doing an excellent job. Recalibrating ADAS after replacing the windshield is a job that should be done by a person that understands the Advanced Driver Assistance System of your vehicle. Therefore, choose a reputable shop or technician to do the job. 

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