What is adas

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Manufacturers

The automotive industry has undoubtedly grown over the years. And with this growth come innovations like advanced driver assistance systems. Today, more consumers want to buy vehicles with the latest ADAS features. Consequently, advanced driver assistance systems manufacturers are under constant pressure to improve their products.

These manufacturers focus on producing ADAS systems with features that are vital components of this frontier in safety, connectivity, and mobility. They encompass different cameras, connectivity, sensors, and other elements that improve safety and the overall driving experience.

With these features, people are already driving semiautonomous vehicles. And fully autonomous vehicles are increasingly becoming a norm. As the industry develops, the adoption rate will grow dramatically as ADAS proliferation continues in the automotive industry. Also, new technologies will emerge to increase safety for drivers, passengers, and other road users.

Automakers collaborate with advanced driver assistance systems manufacturers to cater to the increasing demand for vehicles with innovative ADAS features. This article lists some companies specializing in ADAS manufacture.

Maxim Integrated

Most people know this company for designing and supplying mixed-signal and analog integrated circuits. While these may sound like an anachronism in the modern world, the company offers systems that support different ADAS functions. Such functionalities include lane positioning, parking assistance, and collision avoidance. Also, this company has over 7,000 employees generating around $2.5 billion in annual revenue.


Bosch is a famous household name and a giant company in most markets. And this company is also a giant in the advanced driver assistance systems manufacturer, with around 400,000 employees working on different technologies. Some people describe Bosch as a one-stop-shop for various automotive technologies and electronics. After operating for many years, Bosch has partnered with Mercedes, a German automaker, to develop comprehensive solutions for tomorrow’s vehicles. Bosch produces vehicles that enhance autonomous connectivity and electric wiring in cars.

Aisin Siki

Aisin Seiki has a market capitalization of around $15 billion. Consequently, it’s among the largest firms in the automotive technology industry. Toyota owns 30% of this company, mainly specializing in supplying drive trains, chassis, and engines. The company considers itself the pioneer in the ADAS industry, especially for automated parking. Aisin says this innovation makes the company more advanced since it uses a remote-controlled feature that owners can also use with a smartphone.


Ambrella has enjoyed significant success as a player in the smart home market. This company has developed the camera systems for the auto sector, generating interest due to environmental perception and deep neural network processing to assist the car or the driver.

Vehicle experts and enthusiasts have rapidly used cameras from this company, such as in the Darpa Grand Challenge and the trip to Italy from China in the fully autonomous mode. This trip featured driverless navigation at a highway speed.


This ADAS manufacturer has been relatively new since it emerged in 1997. However, the company has a sizeable number of employees at around 66,000. Initially, the company started with seat belt technology works. Eventually, it expanded to airbags, wheels, and safety functions. Autoliv’s main ADAS product is the electronic control unity.

The electronic control unit has a chip-like appearance, and it functions like the car’s brain. Thus, this ADAS feature enables a vehicle to respond to information from different sensors on various vehicle parts. Experts estimate that modern cars have about 100 embedded ECUs.


If you’re a vehicle enthusiast, you most likely know Continental as a company that supplies tires. However, this firm is interested in advanced driver assistance systems, and several technologies underline this.

Continental has developed several ADAS technologies, including automated and assisted driving control units. ECUs is the fancy name for this technology. Also, the company has developed Lidars and radars, which are light-ranging detection systems for automotive applications.

The company’s V2X unit facilitates communications between vehicles and infrastructure. And this area is rapidly growing with the rest of the ADAS market.


Gentex is an established company whose market capitalization is around $6 billion. It supplies a wide range of camera-based features for the automotive industry. However, the company has specialized in the mirror for a long time.

Currently, the company enhances the mirror capabilities to apply other features, including forward-collision warning, departure warning, and traffic sign recognition. Also, Gentex provides custom sensor clusters that include velocity sensors, multi-purpose cameras, humidity sensors, and rain sensors.

Hyundai Mobis

This company is part of Hyundai Motor, with more than $32 billion in annual revenue. Therefore, it’s among the most extensive automotive services and components companies. This company supplies ADAS functionalities like electronic stability control, sensor, and radar technologies. The primary interest of this company is sensors for converting external driving conditions into digital signals that vehicles and drivers can read accurately.

This list of advanced driver assistance systems manufacturers is not exhaustive. At the same time, more companies are venturing into this sector. And this hints at an industry that will continue to grow in the future.