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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibration Services

If you have one of the latest vehicle models, you will need advanced driver assistance systems calibration services at some point. That’s because your vehicle has more safety and adaptive technology features than older models. ADAS keeps a driver safe if they lose control or focus on the road. Some cars come with advanced driver assistance systems that can even control the vehicle in some situations.

Essentially, advanced driver assistance systems employ cameras, sensors, and the vehicle’s computer to help with driving and parking tasks. The manufacturer could have located these sensors and cameras in different parts of the car. And these can include the windshield, rear and front bumpers, and side mirrors.

Some of the functions ADAS can help a driver with include: 

  • Automatic emergency brakes
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear and forward-collision warning
  • Blindspot detection
  • Lane departure warning
  • Parking assist
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Around view monitoring
  • Night vision system

If ADAS detects something that could lead to a hazardous situation, it directs the vehicle to take necessary actions for preventing a collision or even warn the driver. Unfortunately, improper calibration for the cameras or sensors that the car uses for these functions can lead to incorrect operation of the ADAS system.

ADAS Calibration Definition

Most ADAS system features depend on windscreen-mounted sensors and cameras to operate effectively. That means if you replace your car’s windshield, you must calibrate the sensors and cameras for the ADAS system to function correctly.

ADAS calibration entails aligning the sensors and cameras in the vehicle to function the way the manufacturer intended. Dynamic ADAS calibration requires the technician to test-drive your car. Static calibration employs specialist tools in calibrating the ADAS features when the vehicle is stationary.

Most carmakers require drivers and owners to recalibrate ADAS when:  

  • Replacing the windscreen
  • Changing tires
  • Repairing a vehicle after a collision
  • The ADAS lights are flashing or on

Brake work and new headlights installation can throw the ADAS system off, thereby necessitate calibration. The addition of aftermarket car accessories or bumper replacement can also make ADAS calibration necessary. Muddy or winter driving conditions may affect a vehicle’s ADAS system temporarily. That’s because debris can cover the sensors on car panels, windshields, or bumpers.

Quality Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibration Services

ADAS Calibrations Now has highly trained and experienced specialists that handle all ADAS calibrations. That means your vehicle will be in safe hands once you bring it to us for repair. What’s more, we have your best interest at heart when repairing your ADAS system. That means we won’t cut corners or charge you for any unnecessary service or product.

While calibrating or recalibrating your ADAS system, we will maintain its functionality by installing OEM equivalents and mounting them at the right places. We’ll ensure that the new auto glass has similar specifications to the original windscreen if you need ADAS calibration after windshield replacement.

Car dealers and makers don’t manufacture auto glass. Instead, they purchase them from specialist glassmakers. For this reason, we ensure that you get the replacement windshield from the company your car maker bought the original glass. Thus, we install original equipment glass with similar specifications to that of your vehicle.

Our crew brings experience and passion to your car’s calibration process. We focus on diagnosing the calibration repairs your vehicle needs and then use our innovative system to calibrate your ADAS professionally. We know that ADAS cameras can malfunction because of different reasons. Therefore, we won’t diagnose one issue and assume that everything is okay. Instead, we will inspect the entire ADAS camera system and fix the problems.

Professional ADAS Calibration Services

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You want your ADAS system to function the way your vehicle’s manufacturer intended once you bring it to us for calibration. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest calibration technology. We also ensure that our crew stays up-to-date with the latest ADAS calibration techniques. That means you will have the most qualified team calibrate your ADAS system once you enlist our services. What’s more, our ADAS calibration services cover a wide range of vehicle models and makes.

Remember that not every auto body repair shop will calibrate your advanced driver assistance system. That’s because the job requires specialized skills, tools, and experience. Our crew has all the necessary tools, equipment, skills, and expertise o calibrate your ADAS professionally and efficiently. To ensure your confidence, we provide a warranty to back our calibration services. Ideally, we have the most competent team to calibrate your ADAS regardless of how new or old your vehicle is or even where you bought it.

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Maybe some functionalities of your ADAS system are not working correctly. They may have even malfunctioned completely after a collision. Perhaps, you need ADAS calibration after replacing a bumper or a windscreen. Well, ADAS Calibration Now is the company to contact for assistance. We’re a professional team that can handle all your ADAS calibration needs efficiently and professionally. Whether you need static or dynamic ADAS calibration, we’re ready to do it right the first time. What’s more, our rates are the most reasonable.