ADAS NOW Offers Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Services

Do you need help with the advanced driver assistance system of your vehicle? If yes, you’re at the right place. ADAS Now offers advanced driver assistance systems services for all types of cars. ADAS equips drivers and vehicles with advanced technologies and information to alert them about the surrounding environment and make quick decisions to address hazards. Essentially, ADAS provides semi-automation that drivers need to avoid collision on the road.

With our ADAS services, you can ensure that your vehicle’s ADAS system is always in perfect shape. We make sure that your car’s ADAS system enables you and your vehicle to recognize different situations and objects and make timely decisions to ensure safe driving.

Your vehicle’s ADAS system uses LIDARs, sensors, digital cameras, and radars to receive the necessary data and recognize potential threats, thereby informing drivers to avoid risky situations. Unfortunately, these elements of the ADAS system can develop problems like the other parts of your vehicle. Once this happens, you require the help of the best ADAS experts to fix the issues.

Quality ADAS Services for Safe and Controlled Driving

Like a self-driving car, ADAS uses modern technology like vision, radar, and combinations of different sensors, including LIDAR, to enhance the automation of dynamic driving tasks like braking, steering, and acceleration of cars for safe and controlled driving. However, modern vehicles present integrated technology that is not easy to fix when faulty.

Our experts possess the necessary skills and experience to handle this technology when your vehicle has problems with the ADAS system. ADAS uses labeled data to train its algorithm and enable your vehicle to detect body movements and objects on the road. If you think your car’s ADAS has a problem, don’t hesitate to bring it to us for repair. Alternatively, contact us to enlist our mobile ADAS repair service.

Comprehensive ADAS Services

We offer a comprehensive range of ADAS services to the owners of all types of vehicles. Once you enlist our service, we will ensure convenience and simplicity through efficient pick-up and vehicle delivery. Here are some of the ADAS services that you will get from Dent Dawg.

  • Diagnostic scanning: Maybe you think something is wrong with your vehicle’s ADAS system, but you can’t pinpoint the problem. In that case, our diagnostic scanning can help. Our crew will scan your vehicle to identify and help you understand the problem.
  • Calibration: After replacing the windshield, your vehicle requires ADAS calibration. Our crew can use the most up-to-date software and hardware to calibrate your ADAS system. We have a controlled, safe environment where we calibrate ADAS systems for all types of vehicles.
  • Post calibration scan: After calibrating your car’s ADAS system, we will scan it again to ensure it is fully operational.
  • Module programming: If your vehicle has undergone ADAS module replacement, we can reprogram it.

We specialize in providing innovative ADAS system services for all vehicle makes and models. Our crew can diagnose your car’s ADAS system, repair it, and calibrate it. We offer convenient and straightforward services using an electronic scheduling system. Our ADAS service center in San Antonio focuses on ensuring safe driving using modern technologies. Our advanced driver assistance system services are reliable, professional, efficient, and affordable. Bring your vehicle to us to ensure safe driving by having a perfect ADAS system in your car.

Protecting Lives with ADAS Services

The primary purpose of the advanced driver assistance system is to help you avoid collisions and enjoy better driving. If your vehicle’s ADAS system malfunctions, it can cause an accident, leading to costly damages, injuries, or even death. At Dent Dawg, we offer ADAS services that help protect the lives of drivers and other road users.

Here are some of the popular ADAS technologies that we work with: 

  • Lane change assists: This technology detects obstacles when the driver decides to change lanes. It alerts the driver using vibration, lights and steering wheel resistance.
  • Blindspot monitor: Rear bumpers of some vehicles have sensors that detect and display warning on side mirrors upon noticing a blind spot.
  • Emergency brake assist: EBA can force an emergency stop when necessary if you don’t engage the brake pedal fully.
  • Pedestrian detection: This feature of the ADAS system detects an imminent collision with pedestrians and alerts the driver or applies the brakes autonomously.
  • Traffic sign recognition: Your vehicle might have video cameras to detect different road signs and display them on its dashboard.
  • Adaptive cruise control: Some cars come with a cruise control feature whose settings can slow down or pace them to keep a safe distance from the leading vehicle, thereby preventing a collision.

Most drivers depend on these features to protect their lives and those of the other road users while driving. Unfortunately, if you don’t repair any of these technologies correctly when faulty, it could lead to a disaster.

Initially, a technician could fix the structural damage after a front-end collision, and the driver would quickly move on. However, repairing a faulty vehicle is no longer so easy due to the complexity of ADAS systems. For instance, if the front bumper of your car has a radar, a collision will most likely damage the ADAS sensors, meaning an expert has to recalibrate them. Thus, ADAS changes how technicians repair modern vehicles.

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ADAS NOW offers advanced driver assistance systems services with safety and quality at the core. Our services are affordable and efficient because we have a dedicated facility and highly skilled and experienced professionals. Whether your ADAS system needs diagnosis, calibration, or repair, our crew can do it.

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