ADAS Mobile Calibration Service

ADAS Calibration Now is the best firm to contact when seeking the best ADAS mobile calibration service in San Antonio, Texas, and nearby areas. We’re an expert team focusing on addressing the needs of vehicle owners whose automobiles have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Most modern vehicles come with ADAS that depends on features like radar, cameras, and lasers on their windshields and bumpers in some cases.

If you replace your vehicle’s windshield, its ADAS system requires recalibration to function optimally. Without calibration, the ADAS might send the wrong signal or information and cause an accident. Our crew can calibrate your ADAS to restore its OEM specifications. What’s more, you don’t have to drive your vehicle to our center. Instead, enlist our mobile service, and our technicians will come right where you’re.

Dependable ADAS Mobile Calibration Service

Your vehicle’s ADAS is an autonomous, intelligent system that assists you on the road. Features like Traffic Sign Recognition use the camera on the windshield to view the route ahead. Emergency Braking and Adaptive Cruise Control systems use the radar on the front lower grille. Essentially, the ADAS system has features that function differently. And repairing them requires special skills and tools.

Our technicians understand how ADAS works in a wide range of vehicle makes and models. What’s more, we’ve vast industry and hands-on experience calibrating ADAS in different cars. Being local technicians enables us to provide our clients with the most efficient mobile services. Regardless of your location in San Antonio, Texas, our technicians will bring our service right where you’re.

We understand your frustration with a faulty ADAS system. Therefore, we won’t keep you waiting upon scheduling an appointment with us. Instead, our crew will come to you and complete the calibration or recalibration according to your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. In some cases, your car’s manufacturer may require a static or dynamic process. Both processes may be necessary.

Our technicians will mount a specific target image in front of your vehicle during the ADAS recalibration process with static calibration. This process can take hours, depending on your vehicle’s make or model.

With dynamic ADAS recalibration, our expert will drive at a certain speed on a marked road to recalibrate the camera system. This process takes at least an hour, depending on the vehicle’s make or model. Our crew comes to your location with all the necessary tools to calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS once you enlist our mobile service.

Why You Need Professional ADAS Calibration

Many people have realized the income-generating potential of ADAS recalibration and calibration. Consequently, the available number of ADAS calibrators has increased rapidly over the years. And this has raised concerns among auto insurance companies.

Essentially, proper ADAS calibration requires skills and experience. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are innovations that some people don’t know much about, and this should prompt you to work with experts only. Fixing any ADAS problem requires precision because a simple mistake can interfere with the system’s proper functioning.

When your ADAS develops a problem, don’t call anybody purporting to have the necessary expertise to calibrate it. Instead, call reputable professionals to ensure the proper functioning of your ADAS. Accurate ADAS calibration is a matter of millimeters, not inches. For instance, if a system views 50 feet ahead, multiplying even a small miss-calibration by this distance can interfere with the proper performance of the system. Similarly, your vehicle might not brake at the right time due to faulty calibration.

Unfortunately, miss-calibration can be invisible to a vehicle owner, the driver, or the insurer. For example, a driver can feel reassured that a warning light is faulty. However, experienced ADAS calibrators know that something simple could signal a significant issue with the entire system. Therefore, don’t let amateurs experiment with your vehicle’s ADAS system because it could end up being disastrous. Instead, let our professional and experienced ADAS calibrators fix your faulty system.

When to Enlist Our Mobile ADAS Calibration Service

Your car’s Advanced Driver Assist System depends on several features, including radars and cameras, to function correctly. However, general repairs like windshield replacement and wheel alignment can interfere with the correct functioning of the ADAS system. Also, any collision, whether minor or severe, can affect your car’s ADAS system. That’s why most auto insurance providers and vehicle manufacturers recommend ADAS calibration after such repairs. That way, you can keep your vehicle’s ADAS technology working correctly.

ADAS Calibration Now has the most innovative technicians that understand how this system works. We calibrate ADAS systems to ensure they serve their purpose of protecting our clients’ vehicles, passengers, drivers, and other road users. We calibrate and recalibrate cameras to enhance their accuracy.

If an accident left your car with a faulty camera, replacing it may not be enough. Professional calibration is also necessary to enhance the accuracy and precision of the ADAS system. Our skilled technicians will complete your ADAS calibration process professionally and efficiently once you engage our mobile service. What’s more, we charge a reasonable price for a professional and dependable mobile calibration service.

Don’t risk driving a vehicle with a faulty ADAS system. Even if your schedule is tight, leaving you no time to visit our center, we’re ready to bring our service to you. Contact us to enlist the best ADAS mobile calibration service today!