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ADAS Calibrations NOW is a team of professionals that addresses the needs of clients whose vehicles come with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). An advanced driver assistance system depends on the lasers, cameras, and radar that are mounted to the windshield of a vehicle. 

Whenever a vehicle’s windshield is damaged and it requires repair or replacement, the camera should be recalibrated. This ensures that the advanced driver assistance system functions properly. Professional recalibration also restores the camera to its OEM specifications.

we calibrate ALL ADAS features front bumper radars | rear bumper blind spot monitors | the side view mirrors | 360 all around view + More

Our ADAS Recalibration Process

The advanced safety system of your vehicle is very important. As such, you should have it fixed by trusted experts that are capable of recalibrating it when necessary. Our crew knows different features of the advanced safety systems of different vehicles. They also know how to fit and fix them to ensure their optimal performance. 

Once you set up an appointment with us, our crew will let you know if your vehicle’s ADAS requires recalibration after replacing the windshield. During the appointment, our crew will complete the necessary recalibration according to the specifications of your vehicle’s manufacturer. The manufacturer of your vehicle may require a dynamic or static process. In some vehicles, both processes are required. 

Dynamic recalibration entails driving a vehicle at a specific speed on a properly marked road when recalibrating the camera system. This recalibration process can take one or more hours depending on the model and make of the vehicle. 

Static recalibration entails mounting a specific target image on a fixture in front of a vehicle when recalibrating the ADAS. This process takes one or more hours, depending on the model and make of a vehicle.



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Professional ADAS Recalibration

Professional ADAS recalibration is a requirement by almost all vehicle manufacturers whenever windshield repair or replacement is done. For the advanced safety systems and the camera to continue working properly, our crew provides complete windshield replacement and ADAS recalibration during the same appointment. 

More vehicles are coming with advanced safety systems and they require ADAS to be recalibrated properly. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced to handle any recalibration process safely, efficiently, and expertly. Be confident that your vehicle will ensure your safety on the road once you enlist our ADAS recalibration service. 

We know that the purpose of ADAS is to protect your vehicle, driver, passengers, pedestrians, and other vehicles. Recalibration of the camera after a windshield repair or replacement enhances its accuracy. If the camera was damaged during the accident, replacing it alone is not enough. Proper calibration is required to precision and accuracy of the advanced driver assistance system. Our crew has been trained to recalibrate ADAS in every vehicle professionally. Be certain that your vehicle will be in the right hands once you hire us to recalibrate its ADAS. 

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